Pride of Pakistan – Salman Ahmad Nabs Title

It is time for the people of Pakistan to rejoice for Salman Ahmad the bodybuilder has taken the title of Musclemania World at the Fitness America Weekend at 2015. Las Vegas became the standing ground for this impeccable human being as he flaunted his gold medal and world title that he collectively won at such a prestigious bodybuilding event. Salman Ahmad is now the first Pakistani ever to hold the Musclemania pro card and should be the envy of every bodybuilder in this country.

Salman Ahmad – the prized Bodybuilder


At such a young age, it is impressive as to the number of goals he has achieved. Hailing from Punjab and being the student of University of Central Punjab, Salman Ahmad is a proud athlete and started his dream of becoming a successful bodybuilder when he was just a kid. Just last year, he stunned everyone by coming up second at the Muscle Mania Universe Competition 2014 in Miami. His lean and fit body flexed its splendor on the judges and his close shave with the top prize only increased his hunger.

Mr. Musclemania World


Now, his dream has come true as he recently won the gold medal and title by competing in the same event this year in Las Vegas. He is the only Pakistani to ever achieve this award and yet has received very few media coverage. Social media, however, has become active in congratulating him on his deserved victory and has become a nonstop setup. For Salman Ahmad, it is indeed a proud day to have attained this without any help from the government or other bodies.




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