How To Choose A Good Bed? Tips Of Choosing Perfect Bed

In the interior of any home, bed plays a big role. According to statistics, a person spends in a dream almost a third of his life. It is a good dream is the key to efficiency and excellent well-being.

If you want to buy a new bed for yourself, then you need to approach this issue more than seriously. Qualified experts say that almost all diseases that are associated with the back, arise precisely because of poor-quality beds. Before buying a bed, it is important to buy a bed pad also. Let’s figure out how to choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.

Consider Its Frame First:

The main thing that you should pay attention is the frame of the sleeping bed. If the design is flimsy, then don’t consider these type of bed. The frame can be supported on the back or on the legs. It is believed that the bed is stronger if the support goes to the back.

A bed is exactly the thing whose value increases in proportion to quality. A good bed cannot be cheap. Carved wooden beds, wrought iron metal beds are very popular not only because of their presentable appearance, because of their durability.

The beds made of chipboard, laminated chipboard, MDF are not so strong, although again everything depends on the design and manufacturer. In addition, the mattress will be laid on the frame in the future, which means that its size should match the size of the mattress. Choosing the right bed pad is also compulsory.

Make sure that the base is fully strong:

It is best to choose a bed with an orthopedic base so the mattress adapts to the shape of a person lying on it. They sag under load, while adjacent lamellae are independent. The standard distance between the lamellae is 6 cm.

In the reinforced base, the lamellae are located at a distance of 3 cm. In cheap beds, plywood can be used instead of an orthopedic base. Such a basis, as it is not difficult to understand, will be static. A shield assembled from ordinary straight planks can also be used such a base will not be flexible enough either.

Check that the bed has enough Storage

The bed is a great place to store things behind the bed that cannot be overlooked. In principle, it is possible to store any seasonal items, for example, boxes with shoes inside any bed, where the design allows it, but this is not always convenient. It is better to pay attention to those beds in which drawers are provided.

It is better to buy a bed with a lifting mechanism. Here it will be possible to place large items. Thus, a significant place in cabinets and other storage places.

Choose the exact size of the bed:

There are some standards for sleeping beds. The bed length is usually 1.9 or 2 m. To determine the desired bed length, you need to add 25–40 cm to your height. People of low and medium height are not worried about it. Those who are above average should choose a bed of increased length or order the selected model, specifying special parameters.

As for the width, the beds can be single, loft and double. Inside each segment, the width also varies. For a child or a petite girl, a bed between 70 and 90 cm wide is suitable. Men are better off looking at options with a width of 90-100 cm. If you like to sleep lying on the bed, then you will find especially comfortable bed-beds. They can comfortably get alone in people of any weight class. Lorries can be used for sleeping together, but you need to focus on it. This is rather an option for young people who like to sleep in an embrace, on a bed 140 cm wide, especially not to be alone. Double beds have a size greater than 140 cm. Standard – 160 cm, but there are beds and two-meter width.

Form – beauty or practicality?

The classic rectangular shape bed is the basis of bedroom furniture. The beds in the shape of a heart or a circle look spectacular but are uncomfortable in everyday family life. Sleeping together on such exclusive beds can only be firmly embraced so that you do not fall on the floor when you sleep.

You can curl up, but if you have a sore back, then there will be no restful sleep. For a bed of irregular shape, you need to sew sheets and as well as consider bed pads. It requires more empty space to be used inefficiently.

In the bottom of the bed should not sag under the weight of the mattress and sleeping people. Therefore, bed with a base of stretched tight fabric and design with metal bars can be useful only as a temporary bed

Five good sleep conditions

Which bed is better suited for family comfort and will create the necessary conditions for a good sleep? There are five factors that determine the level of comfort:

  • form – appearance and functionality;
  • dimensions – length, width, and height;
  • construction – frame and materials;
  • the basis for the bed – determines its safety;
  • Mattress – protects your health.

When choosing a bed, it is necessary to take into account not only the comfort of sleep but also the bed pads. If a wide bed is installed in a small bedroom, then it will occupy half of the room. In general, it is customary to install the bed so that there is free space on both sides.

Transforming beds will help you to solve the problem of lack of space in an apartment with a small area. During the day, they can turn into a wardrobe or a comfortable writing table. Also, pay attention to the bunk folding beds disguised as a sofa. When you going to buy the bed, must focus on the above-mentioned points.

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