Change Your Life with These 7 Daily Exercise Routines

Main concerns of mankind nowadays include a healthy and fit body. Different lifestyle news in different platforms like online health websites, TV shows or Health Magazines keeps on reminding everyone about diseases like all types of cancers, kidney failure and auto-immune diseases that threaten human life. It has been a common understanding that everyone is prone to acquiring such diseases at some point in their life. However, it has been supported by studies that through daily exercise, conditions related to ageing, not eating healthy food and other factors that elevates the level of free radicals in the body could be of great help.

Exercising every day could help you build muscles, lengthen your endurance and will allow you to reach a particular level of wellness and fitness; but, doing it wrong might defeat the purpose. So, in this article, you will know exactly how to change your life through exercise with these seven daily routines:

  1. Warm-up

I could not have included this because it should have been common knowledge for everyone, but mind you, this routine is the most neglected. Why? It is maybe because not everyone was informed about its advantage and importance. So, most of the people who exercise skip this routine and go right away to their major routines. Warming up will allow your body to adjust according to your activity and thus preventing further muscle pain, although muscle pain is inevitable, and joint pains as well, as the cartilages might be torn along the way if no warm-up has been done before exercise.

  1. Walk. Jog. Run. Jog. Walk. Repeat

Exercise must not just help you attain external health and fitness. It should also give you internal health and fitness. Walking, jogging and running are the best-known cardio exercises. It strengthens your myocardial tissues and muscles that are majorly responsible for pumping blood for an exact and accurate delivery to a specific minor and major organs inside the body. However, when doing these routines, you should train your heart first from an accelerating to the decelerating severity of activity. So, it is recommended to walk first and whenever you feel ready to increase your speed, jog and speed up to run. If you get tired running slow down to jogging speed, down to walking speed until you stop eventually.

  1. Split the muscle concentration

Muscles make you strong. They provide the body the necessary strength to perform work that needs extra power, strength and endurance. While normally, the human body could grow muscles even without intensive exercise, if your goal is to attain a specific fitness, you must train your muscles regularly; but, you should concentrate on one muscle part each day. You should not be training all your muscles every day. You should have a day when to train your upper muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles, and leg muscles. The rationale for this is that you should give enough time for your muscle to heal, which would normally take two to three days.

  1. Increase weights, frequency, speed

As you train yourself on a proper exercise, you have to mark progress, don’t stagnate yourself. So, challenge yourself if it doesn’t make any sense anymore. Increase weights, frequency and speed. The interval of increase may vary according to one’s progress, but the average is every 2 to 3 weeks.

  1. Breathe in and out through your nose

Yes! Breathing is part of the routine. Most of the people who go to the gym without proper training and research how to exercise properly, once they run out of oxygen or get exhausted, they would breathe in and out through their mouth. While the oxygen level is higher when the mouth is used to breathe in and out, it fails to enter the nostrils that filter most of the pathogens. Remember, when you are exercising, you open your pores, dilating your veins, meaning you are at risk of possible entry of the causative agents of any diseases. So, you must train yourself to breathe in and out through your nose.

  1. Rehydrate after you exercise, not during

Rehydrating after exercise is the best time to quench your thirst. The mere explanation for this is when you drink water during exercise; activities are happening inside your stomach too that might trigger reflux and abdominal sphincter might open, and you might vomit along the way. When we exercise, we conserve the electrolyte level in our body and vomiting could not just eliminate the fluids but the electrolytes as well. So, always remember to drink after the exercise.

  1. Eat protein rich food after

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. The best time to feed yourself is when you are hungry so as the muscles. The best time to feed them with proteins is when they are trained. It maximizes the absorption of the protein to the muscles and thus the muscle build-up would be easy as well.

So, it is not yet too late to be cancer-free, obese and malnourish. Change your life by exercising the proper way. You deserve a better life in all the aspects of your life including your physique and built.

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