Return of Maximuscle
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Welcome back Maximuscle. With a brand new range of products targeted at bodybuilders, Maximuscle are returning to our shelves. As one of the UK’s earliest sport supplement brands, they offer scientifically-back protein knowledge specifically aimed at bodybuilders.

With so many types of protein available, it is important to be aware that each protein has different effects which contribute to different results. For bodybuilders in particular, there are three main styles of protein which can be utilised.

Fast-acting protein
This is the most common style of sports protein because of its fast-acting properties. Bodybuilders and sporting athletes tend to use this post workout to improve protein synthesis and encourage muscle growth.

Whey is one of the by-products of cheese manufacture. Milk has two nutrients, whey and casein, and whey is the product which is left after the milk has been curdled and strained. It is used in protein powder because it offers all 9 of the essential amino acids.

Slow-acting protein
The other nutrient in milk is casein, which is a slower-acting protein. This is turned into supplements such as Maximuscle’smicellar casein powder. This protein can be taken in addition to whey protein because it has a lesser peak. Best taken before sleep, casein takes about 3-4 hours to reach peak levels of amino acids and protein synthesis and in doing so supports your body during its rest period with a protein surplus helping muscle development.

Vegetable protein
As whey and casein are made from a by product of cheese manufacture (dairy), soy protein offers an alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Soy is the only vegetable protein that contains all the essential amino acids so that vegans and vegetarians can still grow and develop muscle without any meat produce. There is no specific time scale with soy either, unlike whey and casein, soy can be taken regularly throughout the day.

Protein supplements are important to anyone trying to build and develop muscle, especially bodybuilders. By combining both whey and casein, bodybuilders can make the most out of protein synthesis to ensure muscle growth. However, soy protein offers a great alternative for muscle growth without any meat products.

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