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The current WBC Silver welterweight champion, Amir Khan has been left in a difficult loop as of late. After failing to pressure Floyd Mayweather into fighting him in his last match, he is now hanging loose without any opponent at the moment and it’s not a situation where he wishes to be. Amir Khan has always considered himself to be a fighting champion, willing to give fighters a chance at this title if there is a growing amount of public clamoring for the fight. He is trying to decide between two people who he has various reasons to fight: Manny Pacquiao & Danny Garcia.

A Fight With Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is one of the top names in the boxing game after Floyd Mayweather. Those who thought that his popularity would die down after his loss to Floyd have to eat their words; he has gained enormous coverage and gained more ground with the bout. Recent news states that Manny is interested in a fight with Amir Khan. Both are known to have a great sense of respect and share a dislike towards Floyd Mayweather. Knowing that he will not get a rematch against Floyd, it is understandable that Manny is pushing for a bout with Amir.

A Fight With Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia comes to this position with a clear advantage; he has beaten Amir before. Although the fight results put Amir in the lead in score points, Danny was able to sideline him by a vicious punch which had Amir rolling down. Danny Garcia has since then said that Amir is afraid to face him for he knows the result would be him being victorious. It creates for some great excitement for a match as people are eager to know whether beating Amir Khan was a fluke or not.

Amir Khan’s Choice – Manny or Danny?

According to his recent statements given to the press, Amir is not interested in fighting Danny Garcia. In any other situation this would give fans reason to say that Amir is afraid of getting knocked out again. But since he is considering facing Manny Pacquiao then it is hard to make such an assumption. It is undoubtedly the match that most fans want to see and it generate massive PPV sales that just might be able to beat the record set by Floyd Mayweather during his fight with Manny.